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Polygamy Isn't The Only Option Queens !

As a child, most of us have the dream of getting married, having kids, and living happily ever after. Your happily ever after is out there but don't let a man tell you that you have to conform to not being the only one to get him. Now, I'm not knocking anyone down whose into that kind of stuff but for my Queens on their throne waiting for their Kings, don't settle for crumbs baby girl. To me, it more than just conforming for a man but it's also having self respect and self love. If you don't respect yourself enough and know how to love yourself, no one will. You will be walked all over because

1. you are allowing it

2. you are just looking for anyone to love you.

When you are looking for anyone to love you (which it'll be in all the wrong places) you will only be hurting yourself.

Remember: One only does what you allow.

Me personally, I'm not down with that. I will be the only one or not the one for you. Simple as that. You will not try to swindle me into thinking if I let you have your cake and eat it too, then you'll be mine or I can get what I want out the deal. I don't like to share and I won't start now. Nah, I'm good off that and you. As my dad would say, K.I.M "Keep It Moving". This isn't the only option for you sis. Stop falling for the same type of guys and broaden your horizon. Step out of your comfort zone and try something you haven't before. Stop trying to look for love and let it find you. If you know the story of Ruth and Boaz then you'll know where I'm going with this. Your King will find you while admiring you working or doing a good deed.

Who wants to be sister wives and out here sharing the same community d*ck. If this isn't what you signed up for and not what you had in mind, on to the next. There's someone out there whose willing to give you exactly what you want and more. Never let a man tell you otherwise. Never let a man make you feel less than because you don't want to conform to his idea of living the life. If the shoe was on the other foot, he wouldn't go for being in that type of why would you? How would you explain to your kids, daddy have multiple wives and all 6 is your step mom? That's too much explaining to do and so confusing. Don't confuse the kids sis. Like Drake said "know yourself, know your worth". If he can't match or provide more to the table than what your bringing, remove his chair and give it to someone deserving. Polygamy isn't the last resort and you shouldn't settle for less.

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